C-Print, new technologies through new applications

By October 15, 2014News

In the first edition of the new fair C-PRINT printing industry, which was held from 7 to 9 October in Madrid, all the possibilities of digital printing industry in terms of materials, personalization and decoration presented exceeded all expectations focused on the digital world: medium and large format printing, point of sale publicity (POP), packaging, signage, events, design, architecture and interior design as well as photography.
The new section has been devoted to the world of creativity in decoration can be customized very easily movable thanks to the adhesive vinyls, change its look with different effects for interiors, events etc.
Cover walls of a meeting room, or rooms thacotonierret receive vinyls that neutralize odors, antibacterial vinyl, anti-scratch, anti-graffiti or fosforencentes … public.
Customize individually curtains, wallpaper, cushions, lamps …
Designing objects and to make a product prototype in 3D with a solid material.
There are also special vinyls that faithfully reproduce materials such as wood, marble or velvet, etc.
Now we can also print on rigid and flexible substrates for large format quality 1050 dpi.
You may also build incredible structures (stand, displays, display, furniture etc. with cardboard materials … very light and customizable cotonierre
C-Print, new technologies through new applications. All this and much more that we will tell …

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