Easy Bag: A new paper bag concept

By January 9, 2014News, Packaging @en

Retailers want a paper bag that seems impossible: economical like plastic bags, ecological like reusable bags, tiny or enormous, with all types of handles… Impossible? So it seemed but Toybe took on the challenge and here is the Easy Bag: the new paper bag.

Easy Bag adapts to your products, as it is available in the widest range of sizes, formats and finishes and types of paper. It can use any type of handle: flat, twist or cut-out and in colours. It can be a bag, envelope or open-end envelope, self-closing, with bottom or flat. It can be very small and made of very thin paper, creating bags or envelopes for small, light products, but with great value and look: fashion and complements, optics, jewellery, perfumes… Or it can be very large and resistant, up to 80 cm wide and 35 cm base, ideal for products that have to be carried horizontally: trays, food, cakes, pizzas… It speeds up checkouts, because it is easy to open and fill. It takes up little space and is easy to store. Its structure makes it suitable for carrying all kinds of products, containers and weights.

Easy Bag is pretty and attractive, it can be printed all over, inside and out, and its design sets it apart from any other shopping bag. It allows for very colourful finishes and can include opening fold decorations, special handles, paper textures and special varnishes, metallic coatings and prints. It adapts to any design and style: innovative, classic, young, minimalist… even those that are yet to be invented. It is the perfect alternative for your brand if you want to switch from plastic to paper or distinguish yourself from the competition with a new type of bag.

Easy Bag has been created by engineers who are experts in paper bag manufacturing. The result is a bag that optimises every step in the manufacturing process: formats, consumption, materials and production systems. It allows for low weight paper to reduce raw materials while its design and manufacture maintain all their resistance and strength. It is ideal for almost any type of business and product. If you thought that plastic bags were your only option, the time has come to compare.

Easy Bag is reusable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable. It is made exclusively with paper from sustainable forests. It uses between 6 and 10% less paper than other bags. Each paper bag has up to 5 life cycles, because 69% of the paper used is recycled. If a paper bag is mistakenly discarded in nature it biodegrades in a few months without leaving a trace or harming the environment. The machinery devised exclusively for its manufacture is modern and functional, so it saves energy, optimises materials and minimises waste.



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