Etiquetas personalizadas de Coca Cola con HP Indigo

By October 3, 2013News

HP announced that it had set a record with custom label production with Coca Cola. The campaign is designed to help Coca-Cola to connect directly with their consumers in 32 countries. This will replace the iconic Coca-Cola logo on bottles of Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero 150 for labels with names, nicknames and affectionate terms popular in each country. Supported by an integrated marketing program to connect with consumers via the Internet, the campaign reinforces the position of Coca-Cola as an innovator in the point of sale.

The project combined conventional printing technology with HP Indigo digital printing to create 800 million high-quality custom labels.

“Packaging plays a crucial role in the campaign Share a Coke bottle that connects the physical with online communication channels, including social media and sites with user-generated content,” said Marit Kroon, marketing manager of Coca-Cola Europe. “The ability to customize a large volume of labels with HP Indigo digital presses, while you get the quality and consistency that requires Coca-Cola opens new possibilities for creating advanced campaigns.”

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